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Follow-the-Sun-astrology-and-art-book-by-Anne-Nordhaus-BikeFind out more about Scorpio in this excerpt from Follow the Sun: A Simple Way to Use Astrology for Living in Harmony, the astrology and art book by award-winning astrology writer and noted Chicago artist and astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike.

Scorpio the Scorpion helps us dig for the truth

Scorpio: 24 October – 22 November

  • Symbol: the Scorpion.
  • Planet: Pluto, named for the ancient god of the underworld.
  • Themes: desire, power, the mysteries, transformation.
  • Associations: the colon and reproductive organs; opals and amber; iron and steel; crimson and black; deep red flowers and blackthorn. Also, leather and insects.
  • Risks: misusing enormous, dangerous power; misusing sexuality; wasting your life in rage or scheming; seeking vengeance or intensity and excitement; becoming obsessed with darkness and death.
  • Opportunities: harness Scorpio’s passion to seek the mysteries of life and death, dig deep within for truth, confront darkness and fear of death, embrace transformation.

Each year, after Libra and its opportunities to experience the Scales’ winning charm and devotion to peace, the Sun moves into intense Scorpio, renowned for its power, passion, subtlety, deep emotions, and gifted imagination.

As symbolized by the Scorpion, when Scorpio is out of balance it becomes defensive, stinging anyone perceived as a threat. It also can be secretive, jealous, vengeful, blindly loyal, and coldly cruel. At its worst, Scorpio sees enemies and danger everywhere, plots obsessively against them, and explodes in righteousness or even violence if others question its actions. When those who suffer or witness the Scorpion’s sting beat a hasty retreat or sever the relationship, Scorpio withdraws into brooding resentment.

As a fixed sign, Scorpio is persistent and strong, and as a water sign it focuses on feelings and intuition. Ruled by Pluto, the tiny but mighty planet named for the god of the underworld, Scorpio’s inscrutable exterior masks tumultuous emotions, obsession with life’s dark side, and a need to probe to the bottom of everything. Naturally idealistic, Scorpios gain relief from their intense feelings when they use their legendary endurance to dig for the truth and then use it to transform themselves.

Serving a higher purpose is the key to fulfilling Scorpio’s inner call to transformation. They need work worthy of their enormous power; otherwise, they may squander their life force in petty office politics, unquestioning faith in flawed causes or companies, and fruitless scheming for advancement.

Scorpions’ love of secrets makes them great researchers, detectives, spies, undercover agents, and magicians. They also excel as the second in command—political and military strategists, personal assistants, chief advisors—yet their personal magnetism and intimate knowledge of power fit them equally well for leadership as generals, directors, elected officials, and CEOs. Scorpios’ shrewdness with money and organization make them superb in business, administration, banking, finance, and investing.

This sign’s yearning to understand the great mysteries of birth, death, sex, and regeneration and its innate ability to confront the dark and messy sides of life enable Scorpions to succeed in fields ranging from medicine and mortuary science to healing and therapy to hypnosis and the occult. They also gravitate to spirituality, religion, ecology, waste management, and mining, and Scorpio’s vivid imagination enables them to succeed in writing, entertaining, and other creative pursuits. In its leisure hours, Scorpio enjoys the good life of fine food and wine and luxury vacations; Scorpions also may be attracted by extremes and high-risk adventures such as deep sea diving and travel to harsh environments.

In relationships, Scorpios are most fulfilled when sharing their abundant vitality with others through gentle love, generosity, loyalty, and gratitude. When out of balance, their emotional extremes make them unpredictable and demanding, desiring “all or nothing” from friends and lovers, and they may misuse their power by dominating and controlling others. In romance, Scorpios often play the field and explore their sexuality, but once they choose their life’s partner they are unswervingly committed and give their all. They make outstanding lifelong friends, but when unevolved they can be dangerous enemies.

Above all, the Sun’s yearly journey through Scorpio is a time of seeking truth, which for Scorpios means holding fast to a spiritual focus while digging deeply within to shine a light on all that is dark, hidden, or repressed. To succeed, they must use their Plutonian power to overcome fear of seeking, seeing, and honoring the truth—and use what they learn to transform themselves continually.

Let transformation be a gradual process

Making the most of Scorpio energy means accepting that transformation is a gradual process. While turmoil-riddled relationships, career power plays, and compulsive behavior may feel intensely exciting, they cannot substitute for the personal power that comes from focusing your resources to achieve slow and steady progress. The key is tapping your intuition to know when changes must be made and allowing them to unfold.

On the physical level, Scorpio rules the colon, and Scorpio’s sometimes stubborn refusal to let go can lead to constipation. Overcome this tendency by accepting necessary changes, releasing old negative emotions, and giving away possessions you no longer need; consider working with a therapist if your inability to change persists. Also, get plenty of fluids, nutritious food, and fiber; enjoy vigorous exercise; and get plenty of deep rest every night.

Scorpio also rules the reproductive organs and sexuality. Allow yourself to embrace, explore, and express your sexuality so you can experience this powerful force that sustains all life and connects us to the Divine.

Extend Scorpio’s quest for truth to your emotional life. Feel whatever emotions flow through you and resist any urge to repress or deny your experience. Know that behind every negative emotion lies a truth trying to make itself known to you. For example, if you feel selfish, remember that a certain degree of selfishness is beneficial because it allows you to care for yourself and keep others from taking advantage of you.

Harmonize with Scorpio’s power and seductive quality by wearing this sign’s favorite colors—crimson, maroon, and black—and donning a leather coat, clothing, or boots. Install dimmers at home to enjoy subdued lighting and purchase decorative objects made of Scorpio’s signature iron or steel. Acknowledge this sign’s need for privacy by making your home a refuge from the world and ensuring you have daily time alone to sort out your feelings.

In your mental world, harness your mind to master your emotions and prevent exhaustion. No matter how intense your feelings, train yourself to take a deep breath and think before responding. Use your intellect to dig into what you feel and why; once you reach understanding, you may find there is no need to take any action, and if there is, you will be much better prepared to act appropriately. As soon as a situation has been addressed, immediately forgive any hurts you may have suffered so you carry no emotional baggage.

Indulge your fascination with hidden knowledge by reading detective stories and watching mysteries; tap into the dark side safely by watching horror movies, reading true crime books, and enjoying Halloween with gusto. If you engage in extreme sports or hobbies, learn all you need to know to do so safely; as an alternative, read books or watch television programs about great historical figures who have overcome long odds and severe physical challenges.

As for your spiritual life, use this Scorpio time to go deep within and connect with your higher self through daily prayer and meditation. Give thanks for the passion that gives life its vibrancy and for the gift of extremes, which teaches us our boundaries and limitations and the wisdom of balance.

Take up Scorpio’s challenge to confront life’s great mysteries, especially that great unknown, death. Ponder what death means to you, live your life wisely so its end is peaceful, and seek knowledge from the great philosophers, mystics, and saints to pierce the veil surrounding this aspect of existence. Know that every time you change, you undergo a kind of death as the old you ends and a new you begins. So it will be with the end of your life, when your physical body starts to decay but your spiritual self soars like an eagle to new and unimagined heights.

By tending to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self, you can enjoy the best this astrological month offers. If you also experience Scorpio’s downside (attacking, resentment, controlling others), simply acknowledge your experience, learn from it, and cultivate the deep loyalty and loving generosity of this sign by committing to transformation and taking joy in gradual inner change. With practice, you will master your emotional extremes and feel secure enough to direct your power toward your highest purpose.

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